Animal Rights (or lack thereof)

Our animal friends, the only beings whose love we cannot doubt, have recently been the reason why we doubt our humanity. The lack of laws on the Protection of Animals was once again revealed with a row of horrific news made public, 16 dogs killed with poisonous meats in Ankara Batıkent, and the 30 dead dogs, some of which placed in garbage bags, and two dead cats found.

I would like to share with you my anger, sadness, and especially regret for these events, by drawing attention to the regulations on Animal Rights.

As it is known, in developed countries such as Switzerland and England, animals are considered as sentient beings and the related regulations include imprisonment and high fines instead of low fines in cases of torture and mistreatment of animals. An even more positive example is that, in Austria, the care to be given to animals is evaluated as the responsibility that people must have to their dependents. Violations of animal rights are also punished in this context.

And in our country, which I'd rather wish a good progress for than criticize it, the regulations for our furry friends living in our houses, for the animals on the streets or the animals kept in the zoo are next to none.

Article 14 of the Law on the Protection of Animals describe the prohibitions. Some of the prohibitions are clearly stated as deliberate ill-treatment of animals, cruel and brutal treatment, beating, starving and depriving of water, exposing them to extreme cold and heat, neglecting their care, causing physical and psychological pain, forcing animals to acts that are clearly beyond their strength, sale of pets by those who do not have training in animal care, sexual intercourse with animals, and torture.

In our 33-Article Law, most acts that should not be done to an animal are stated in detail, but what is sad is “the point sanctions". The penalty for violations of the prohibitions is only low-level fines and they are not deterrent; and they even get away scot-free. It is horrifying that even the perpetrators of Batıkent continue their lives like nothing happened and that no sufficient sanctions were imposed on their actions.

It is awful to know that these monstrous people who have poisoned innocent animals who thought they were being given food are among us again, and it is not possible to explain this with a psychological disorder.

Animal Injustices! The psychological state of every individual in the society may not be good, but nothing can justify the torture or murder of those who are weaker than us. It is a rightful point that there are basic norms that need to be taught to all individuals in every society. The most important of these is the respect for the environment and those people living with us in this environment. It is important to note that the animals in Batıkent were so desperately in need of food that they even ate the poisonous food.

Municipalities should meet the food and shelter needs of the animals, especially in the winter months and prevent their death from drought and thirst in the summer months. The said regulations should not be limited to this, and trainings on love of animals should be given to the individuals starting from the preschool period, animal rights should be taught as a course and trips to the shelters should be organized in the schools.

Although it is stated that the pet sellers should be trained under the law, these trainings should also be audited, although it is not right to sell pets, it must be stipulated that the those who will own pet must also undergo some audits. This is necessary so that when we lose a parrot who was been tortured to death, such people will not be able to get away with their crimes when it is judged that there is no place to prosecute because  the crime of damaging one's own animal falls into the scope of damaging one's own property.

Laws should be the tongue of those who can't speak, the direction for those who can't speak, the necessary sanctions against unlawful acts, and in any case, they should be the breath for every living being. Wishing with my whole heart to protect living beings and keep them alive.