Family and Divorce Cases

Divorce is the type of lawsuit that individuals should bring in accordance with the Turkish Civil Code No. 4721 in order to legally terminate the union of marriage. The termination of marriage in the process of divorce can only be done within the scope of the justified divorce reasons specified in the Civil Code. The law clearly states the cases in which divorce proceedings may be filed. In this sense, in case of non-existence of any of the justified reasons for divorce, the divorce case will be rejected.

There are procedures to be performed within the legal process of divorce, and whether these procedures are operated correctly affects the duration and the outcome of the divorce case directly.

The only way to get divorced in a short time is to divorce by agreement. It is a divorce case called uncontested divorce and based on the article “breakdown of the unity of marriage." The spouse who says "I want a divorce immediately; I want it over as soon as possible" must agree on some issues with the other spouse. In addition, being married for more than 1 year and having both parties present in the hearing are other conditions.

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