Real Estate Cases

Real estate law, which constitutes a comprehensive branch of the property law regulated in the 4th book of the Turkish Civil Code No. 4721, is a branch of law which is composed around the term real estate or, in other words, immovables. In the case of property law, the majority of disputes and disagreements that arise are resolved within the framework of real estate law. Real estate law is a very comprehensive and challenging branch of law, which consists largely of exceptions and details.

Real estate law, in its essence, qualifies as a sub-branch of property law, and in Turkey, it is the branch of law through which the vast majority of disputes relating to property law are resolved. When one says real estate, it actually means the existence of immovable values such as land, plot, apartment, building and house. Within the framework of real estate law, certain definitions and explanations come to the forefront and form the basis of this branch of law.

In real estate law, many cases are addressed as it is a sub-branch of property law. It is also one of the types of law in which problems experienced are seen as exceptional. Although it is mainly divided into sub-branches, there may be different contents of lawsuit within the framework of the problems experienced by individuals.

Generally real estate lawsuits include various case types such as;

• Title deed cases and registration correction, cancellation and registration cases

• Lawsuits to recover property

• Expropriation cases

• Determination of rent price and eviction cases

• Partition of undivided property.

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